Main Character

Thala Saprth

25.816 BBY was a peacefull year in Alderaan when a great hero was borned.
Dougther of Sissy Saprth and Rex Saprth-Ero.
Rex Saprth-Ero was a former space pirate but he managed to abadon his past for the Beautyfull Planet Alderaan at 25.818 BBY.
and Sissy Saprth was a noble women who was worked for the Crasseon City Thranta Catch Team of Crasseon City King Oritous.

at 25.812 BBY the 4 year's old Thala Saprth moved a whole ship 10 meter's with her mind. this event scared all noble's but not her father Rex who had reliazed that Thala was Special. and Rex was not the only one..
thousand's parsecs away on the planet Tython The Je'daii Master Miarta Sek felt this event and he spoke about it in the Je'daii Councle of the 9 Temples.
a year later Je'daii Master Miarta Sek by the Je'daii order commands sended Je'daii Knight Nova to bring the force user of Alderaan to Tython for Training.
when Nova Arrived in Alderaan she found a planet at war !
Pirates versus killiks and both versus Rakata..
Nova managed to save from death the 5 year's old Thala Saprth when the Crasseon City was Destroyed and Sissy and Rex Saprth was dead...
Thala was now a force student padawan..

at the Despot War in 25.805 BBY the 11 year's old Thala was kept away with other Je'daii Padawan's  in Anil Kesh with  Je'daii Knight Nova and Je'daii Master Keypim.

11 Year's Later at 25.794 BBY Thala was in the middle of her final training mission before the final trials when an Evil Presence has Arrived and the Midiclorians was Socked Thala....

Who is this Evil Presence?
Can Thala Stop the Destruction of the Entire Galaxy in a Divided Era when the Force Wars are about to begin and the Empire of the Rakata Rule the Entire Galaxy ?

Download The Game and Find out.