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The Untold Story - Role Play Game in genre RPG. It has Five Planet's to Explore,each planet has it own Story ,the Galaxy had it own story and the protagonist had her own story.
Each Planet has Secrets and Mini Games , the galaxy have many other Secret and non story Planet's for the Player to Explore..

Main Story:
The protagonist of game, Thala is Human from Alderaan who is trained to be a Je'daii Ranger (yes Je'daii not Jedi and that because the game is at the Force Wars Era at 25,793 BBY--Year's Before the Battle of Yavin--) , But somehow she had Contact with a great the Galaxy Doomed or not?? that is for you to Deside.

Era Story:
The Rakata were rulers of the Galaxy at 25,793 BBY There was no one able to stop their Conquest..
No one? that is for you to Deside.


  • About 20-60 hours of a gameplay.
  • Game contains enough of secrets.
  • Mini Games and Casino's.
  • One Main Story of the Era besides Protagonist Story and the Planet's Stories.
  • Difficult and interesting bosses.


Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP (or Above)
  •  1.40 GHz
  • 448 mb Ram
  • 400MB free space in Hard Disc

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